A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


 Be a fox and adventure out by jumping through the maze of the tree trunk, being able to rewind to earn more points.

Easy to play, magnificent art and addictive game mechanics!

Do your best and bet with your friends to see who scores the most points!


Use only the mouse to play.


Audio Editing

Ronaldo Almeida


Halisson Gama


Rodolfo Moraes


Thank you for playing our game! :D

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play!


Animal Jump.zip 24 MB
Animal Jump_linux.zip 26 MB
Animal Jump_mac.app.zip 24 MB


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Manooooooo! Tu é muito foda, nossa mano tu é meu ídolo, tio adorei esse game. Eu sei que tu aprendeu no Curso da Danki, sério descomunal, parabéns irmão é nóis tio. 👍👌🤓

hahahaha valeu cara, que bom que gostou! Mas eu não fiz o curso da Danki Code, só adquiri para fazer e acabei não fazendo haha

hahaha, mano sério amei o jogo de verdade, depois de fazer o curso quero fazer um jogo tipo esse, mano tu é foda!!!

It was a cute game. Occasionally the animation seemed glitchy, but overall it was very well put together.

Bugs (Linux version):

(1) When you drop down to the second level (assuming the first level is where you start), if you land on green grass, the animal will jump and glitch partially up to the first level again gaining an extra point. This allows you to grind points by doing nothing.

(2)  Can't rotate the tree 360* with the mouse, you can only rotate the tree partially. This presents a problem when the randomly generated path only allows you to jump on a grey path (which resets you) or there isn't a path at all to go to (so the game is over).

Jogabilidade simples e divertida! Parabéns!

muito bom jogo